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Harrington Fire Company installs 2022 Officers.
Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Harrington Fire Company, Inc.
Fire Company Officers

On Tuesday January 4, 2022 at the regular monthly meeting of the Harrington Fire Company, Inc. the Administrative and Fire Officers were sworn in for 2022.  They were sworn in by Past President of the DVFA Joe Zeroles.  The meeting was held on Tuesday instead of Monday January 3, 2022 due to a snowstorm.  The 2022 officers are as follows:

President-Derrick Brode
Vice President-Mark Scribner Sr.
Secretary-Cody Outten
Asst. Secretary-Cindy McCombs
Treasurer-Mike Layton
Asst. Treasurer-Chad Robinson
EMS Financial Secretary-Chad Robinson
Financial Secretary-Ed Welch
Bingo Financial Secretary-Veronica Dickerson
Hall Chairperson-Veronica Dickerson
Fire Recorder-Cody Outten
Bingo Chairman-Mark Scribner Sr.

Board of Directors
Darrin Simpson-Chariman
Jeff Outten-Vice Chairman
Cody Outten-Secretary
Kenny Brode
Robbie Brode
Derrick Brode
Tom Fraley
Dale Dean
Garry Alsop
Cory Parson
Ray Blanchette
Danny McLaughlin
Rob Taylor
Mike Layton
Mark Scribner Sr.

Fire Line Officers
Chief 50-15-Robbie Brode
Deputy Chief 50-16-Kenny Brode
1st Asst. Chief 50-17-Derrick Brode
2nd Asst. Chief 50-18-Jeff Outten
3rd Asst. Chief 50-19-Danny McLaughlin
Ladder Captain 50-20-Kevin Galyean
Rescue Captain 50-21-Cody Outten
Engine Captain 50-22-Bruce Poore Jr.
Engine Captain 50-23-Mark Scribner Jr.
Safety Officer 50-24- Tom Greek
Chief Engineer 50-25-Rob Wyatt
Asst. Engineer 50-26-Tom Fraley
Asst. Engineer 50-27-Garry Alsop
Asst. Engineer 50-28-Ed Welch

EMS Officers

EMS Captain 50-40-Rob Taylor

Fire Police
Bill Bonniwell 50-30
Joe Zeroles 50-31
Mark Scribner Sr. 50-32
Dave Anderton 50-33
Rob Kimmey 50-34
Fred Wyatt 3rd 50-35

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