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Each year the Harrington Fire Company solicits for donations to support the Emergency Medical Services division of the company.  This request is offered to residents that live within the Harrington Fire Company Ambulance district.
Federal laws require that everyone transported to the hospital must be billed for service.  The Harrington Fire Company uses an outside billing agency to perform this task.  Through this billing company, patient’s that are transported to the hospital will have their insurance company billed for service first.  Due to medical necessity, interpretation or unavailability of information insurance companies may decline the claim.  In this case the patient may receive a bill from our billing company.  This is where the ambulance subscription plays a role. 
For a donation of $50.00 or more from a residence, any transport to the hospital that is denied by the insurance company will be covered under the ambulance subscription.  This means no out of pocket expense for anyone who lives in that residence for ambulance service.  
Membership in this plan is open only to persons residing in the Harrington Ambulance District.  Each donor buying a membership with a minimum contribution or $50 or more will receive ambulance service to area hospitals for themselves and persons living in the SAME household.  This service will be good for as many trips as are necessary during the one year period, providing the ambulance service is available and requested as emergency service. 
As a Harrington Fire Company ambulance subscription member, your small donation protects you and the members of your household from any out of pocket expenses should you require our services anytime during the year.
Because of the increased cost of providing our community with quality emergency transportation, Harrington Fire Company will bill your Medicare, Medicaid or health insurance policy.  We will accept whatever your primary and/or secondary insurance pays for our services.  Your ambulance membership covers co-pay, deductible or non-covered charges.  Even if your claim is denied, your ambulance membership covers all of our charges and you will not be billed.
Membership in this plan is effective for 12 consecutive months beginning April 1st of each year and ending March 31st of the following year.  All memberships will expire on March 31st regardless of when they were initiated.  Prorated memberships are not available.

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